Data Capture Services

Data Capture Services

Despite the proliferation of mobile devices, there are still many circumstances where gathering information has to be carried out by completing a form by hand; and once finished, you need to get that information made available in a meaningful and accurate way, as quickly as possible.

Whether you are carrying out Customer Surveys - face to face (or by post), interviewing Patients in medical or other surroundings, interviewing job candidates, having review sessions with staff, or collating quality control information and using checklists of any kind, IPC’s Data Capture services can improve both the quality and speed of processing all such information, and making it available as data.

At IPC we offer 2 main solutions to suit all client requirements, ensuring that you get the benefits of a higher levels of quality data and speed of access to it:

1. Forms and Data processing services
based on a standard printed paper form

2. The Paper Computerusing Digital pen and unique Anoto paper printed forms- ideal for mobile workers including delivery services -that effectively turns the paper form into a computer screen!