Delivery Notes & POD Scanning

Proof of Delivery notes, very often, are the only means of confirming that goods have been delivered to a customer. Without proof of delivery claims can be made which can amount to substantial sums of money and seriously affect a company’s profits.

Paper POD’s, however, are difficult to manage and can easily get lost or damaged. For these reasons we offer a Proof of Delivery scanning service which converts the notes into electronic format for ease of storage and access. POD’s can be collected either daily or weekly, dependent on volumes, and then scanned in our document scanning bureau.

The notes can be referenced either by POD number, customer name or date – just tell us your requirements and we will follow your instructions. As soon as the scanned images have been quality checked they can be transferred to one of your servers or delivered to you on DVD’s.

When any queries are raised a simple search will quickly locate the relevant POD and issues can be resolved swiftly and cost effectively. To complete the process we can arrange for the original paper documents can be destroyed saving storage space and time spent filing.