What are the benefits of storing documents in digital form?

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The benefits of storing documents in a digital format are many.
Firstly keeping images digitally -with the relevant IT back up proceedures- means that the major business continuity risks of paper based documents (e.g. fire / flood) are negated. IPC's Bureau service will also always keep a backup copy of scanned images (unless data protection rules do not allow us to) as a 'belt and braces' approach to client's security of information.

Secondly, electronic image documents can be imported to a network directory where they can be accessed and shared by all those with security clearance - even remotely - unlike paper based information.

Then there are the cost savings in terms of not having to keep or print paper based information - filing furniture and the space it takes up,  paper, toner, and of course, the hidden cost of peoples time used to handle, file and distribute paper based information. And scanning is a 'one off' cost, unlike the on going cost over many years, of storing documents physically, in offices or an external warehouse facility.

In summary, using IPC's Bureau scanning services will reduce your organisation's carbon footprint.

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