Do I need to keep the original scanned documents?

Last update on 10/23/2020 by Web Admin.

The temptation for some clients is after scanning to retain the original documents. 
At IPC we can store your original documents, after the Bureau scanning process, for a period of 3 months (free of charge) and can then (as we do in most cases) arrange for documents to be confidentially shredded.
Clients should of course take their own advice on this matter e.g. some would advise that physically signed copies of items such as contracts should be retained, but in virtually all cases these days’ electronic scanned documents are acceptable to all  Government Agencies such as HM Customs, Inland Revenue and Courts of Law. 
The key aspect is to ensure that the documents can be proven to have been scanned, stored and managed with ‘due care and diligence’, which is the service that IPC's Bureau scanning facility provide you with.

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