Forms and Data Processing Services

Based on using a standard printed paper based form, we offer clients a full range of services:

* Form design or re- design services

* Bureau Scanning services for completed forms

* Data extract in CSV or spreadsheet format, with full QA

* Cloud based hosting for scanned images and data files


Data Capture Services

The key to the successful use of automated forms processing is the design and layout of the form that is used. The size of fields, their structure and clarity of use for those completing the form, are key factors in form scanning projects.
So at IPC we provide a range of services to clients from advice to full form re-design services, in order to optimise the accuracy of results required. As a first stage Clients can supply us with an existing form that we can evaluate, and we then offer re-design services, or we can start afresh on a project against a brief.
We will go through a number of steps in terms of design with Clients, including test phases to reach the optimum result.

Bureau Scanning Services (incl data extract)

Data Capture Services Scanner

Once a properly designed form is agreed, printed and then distributed for use, we can process the completed forms in our Bureau Scanning Service. We will scan the completed forms using the latest Forms Processing Optical Character recognition software, that will ‘read’ the form intelligently. The system will then interpret and extract key fields of information, translating them into data, which will go through our ISO 9000 standard QA procedures, to ensure the accuracy of the data.

We can then supply this data as a CSV file or Spreadsheet, on media e.g. CD, or via our secure UK based Cloud hosting facilities which client can access via a unique URL - including encryption if required, to view both the scanned form and the data files.

Once Client has the data in the agreed format they can then import this to another IT system.

Our forms scanning services include:

The advantages for Clients are that we can provide the complete service to ensure that results from any form of survey can be supplied both accurately and swiftly. Clients such (now Rakuten) andthe East of England COOP have benefited from these services from IPC.