HR Record Scanning Services

HR files are usually kept in paper format, growing with the service of an employee, and often contain a wealth of important information such as reviews, contracts of employment, sickness, disciplinary plus all important pensions and payroll information. Much of this information has to be retained even after the employee leaves, especially in relation to pensions and educational achievements whilst in service, as requests for information can be frequent.

Since May 2018 when GDPR came into effect, the way personal data is managed and stored has changed considerably. Employees now have the right to access, obtain and rectify their personal data and they can also request their personal information to be completely deleted. Employees can also request a copy of their data in digital format.

In addition to the new employee rights, there are now statutory retention periods for certain types of personal data which must be adhered to. For further information please follow this link

In order to comply with all the regulations, it is vital that HR files are stored electronically, ideally in an HR system such as HR Online. This system has an automated document retention feature and a self service module which enables employees to submit timesheets, apply for leave and amend personal details.

So, by using IPC’s HR record scanning services, paper based HR files can be turned into electronic files that will be a lot faster in terms of access for HR staff and eliminate the risk of non-compliance.

If you have any questions regarding GDPR compliance or document retention periods, please contact The IPC Group by clicking here or calling 08081 45 46 47

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