Market Research Survey Processing

The IPC Group supplies a full market research survey processing service from form design through to data collation.

Market research is carried out for a wide range of reasons such as the launching of new products or studying buying habits. Despite the increase in online market research, there are still large volumes of paper based forms and surveys which need to be processed. IPC uses forms processing software to capture and extract data from market research surveys and its level of accuracy is largely determined by how the form is designed. IPC will give advice on market research survey design or design a form from scratch for you in order to optimise the performance of the software.

The forms are scanned, the information is automatically captured and uploaded into an agreed format such as a CSV file or spreadsheet. Extensive QA and verification checks are made to ensure the highest possible degree of precision.

Automated data processing is a far more efficient and cost effective method for processing market research surveys, saving on manual data inputting and filing. The speed at which the processing is carried out also means that the results of the market research become available a lot faster enabling any necessary actions to be taken sooner than they normally would.

For more information on how IPC can help with your market research survey processing please click here or call us on 08081 45 46 47.