Medical Record Scanning

Medical Records Scanning

How we work

The IPC Group has been carrying out medical record scanning in its document scanning bureau for over twenty years. The medical records are transported to the bureau in sealed containers via a secure courier service.

As soon as they are received the contents of the boxes are checked against the accompanying lists to ensure that no files are missing. IPC employs a highly skilled team of scanning operatives who will then prepare the medical records for scanning by removing staples and paperclips. Our document scanning bureau is equipped with a wide range of scanners so we can convert any type or size of paper into electronic format. In the case of patient records this can include laboratory test results and ECG results.


With regard to the confidentiality of personal information, all our staff sign confidentiality agreements and we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for Data Protection. We can also put in place an additional confidentiality agreement with individual clients which covers Data Protection.

Delivery of data

After the medical records have been scanned they are subjected to stringent quality checks before the data is encrypted and burnt to CD or DVD.

What happens to the paper medical records?

The paper records can either be returned to the client or we can arrange for them to be confidentially shredded.