Questionnaire Processing

Questionnaire processing is one of the services included in The IPC Group’s form processing services. Both small and large volumes of questionnaires can be processed as well as single and multi page forms. The forms are first of all scanned and then the data is extracted using forms processing software.

Questionnaires are used for many purposes and come in various formats. Some examples are:

In order to optimise the accuracy of forms processing software, it is important that a questionnaire is designed correctly. IPC can design or re-design forms to improve the results of the automated processing and offer this as part of the total service.

Processing questionnaires manually can be costly, time consuming and prone to error. By using automation, results are more accurate and data can be made available almost immediately allowing any negative issues to be addressed and resolved more quickly.

IPC is an ISO:9001 accredited company and has over twenty years’ experience in the document scanning business.

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